• The contest consist of two divisions – junior and senior
  • Each division’s contest will take three hours, consisting of five problems
  • This contest will implement pretests/systests system for the last three questions
  • The contest will be unrated


  • You may only participate in either the junior division or the senior division
  • The use of multiple accounts will not be allowed
  • Contestants must work individually during the competition
  • Do not discuss any problems/solutions to any question until the results have been released


Any students that are currently in high school can participate in the competition. Simply fill out the registration form

It will be hosted on Canada’s largest online judge – DMOJ

You can prepare for GlobeX Canada Cup by checking out tips provided by the online judge. You may also choose to practice solving problems. 

The contest takes place on 10AM December 15, to 10AM December 16, 2018. 

Yes, you may use current/existing DMOJ account to participate in the contest.

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